2016 July Design Collection

Designing things in the army, like a tactical ops map in this case, entails an enormous splitting headache. I had to design the map in parts and send them to different printers for the sake of maintaining the integrity of our dear state secrets. I had also been relegated to creating the tactical icons with my own calloused fingers for having it printed commercially was too much of a security risk to take.

(Yeah, it’s ironic that I’m showing glimpses of it here, but they are strictly *token* glimpses that don’t actually reveal any information that cannot already be found on the public domain.)

It’s been completed and used to great successful effect in the past few unit operations, of course, with thankless assistance from Sergeant Geebril.


It’s amusing that I seem to be doing more design and showmanship than actual ammunition work in my two years here. (But no I’m not. My army life is still excitingly and predominantly a blue collar one.)

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