Enter Sergeant Jiang

I have been a burn victim twice in my life, once after a two-star kayaking course in secondary school, and the other time after 7 days of sailing in the Riau archipelago. This week marked my third iteration of peeling skin and weird tan lines, with all due thanks to four days of parade drilling under the helm of Encik Mani.

Beautiful could aptly describe yesterday’s parade.

Here’s one for my parents, who have given everything for my upbringing. (And my dad kept trying to steal my rifle. I mean he could but we already removed the entire bolt carrier group and the bayonet has been blunted down.)

Here’s one for Raag who rushed down from NUS despite the deafening woosh of her passing deadlines and her imminent departure for Rome.


And here’s one for my SAFAC mates (Jia Kang is unfortunately absent, while the FSM has plagued the photo with his presence) who have struggled through close to three months of faeces with me. I will miss you guys.

And here’s to my return to a care-free, stay-out life, and my return to an external civilian life as well.



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