Ministry of Moral Panic

17238889I have had the privilege to savour many enjoyable pieces of literature and this easily ranks as one of the most emotive reads I’ve had the opportunity to experience.

It is a marvellous thing how anyone could flesh out such human stories, imbued with a perceptive light on socio-political concerns so subtly, so minimally yet so emotively. It is a thing of magic.

A part of me is debased by an envy that I could perhaps never write as hypnotically well as Koe can; the other is impulsed to contribute a lifetime to an increasingly saturated niche of local social realist literature.


I have prepared two personal statements.

One for Law school, a guaranteed path of career and familial fulfilment (for me at least) that I have long eschewed on the grounds of a moral disagreement, but one that has been repeatedly impaled upon me in the style of a sodomy. The other personal statement is for Arts and Social Science/Liberal Arts, a separate path of personal intellectual fulfilment.

One of my NS course mates is a palm reader. He said that my left hand indicates that I am adequately suited for a life and career of both the irrational/creative and and the logical/traditional.

My right hand, he proclaims, indicates that I will go down the path of irrationality.

Whatever that means.



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