An Even Lower Lifeform

About 8 months ago, I ceased to be a maggot having metamorphosed into a full-fledged private, and then later a corporal. Now with these three thin white lines on my epaulette, it’s a maggot’s life again.


There are multiple layers of inferiority and artificiality drilled into this grand scheme of things, a superstructure of which a sick sense of exalted fairness and entitled one-upmanship is a central theme. Being a non-combatant sets you down one rung in terms of deservedness. Being a medically-unfit soldier rips away the rest of carpet under you.

You’re not just undeserving of being a non-commissioned officer, you’re a half-fucked sergeant at best, and a phony one at worst.

Cue the sniggers that trail a PES-C9L3 CSSCOM 3SG.

Not that I’m complaining. The wages when I pass out are good.



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