A Free-for-all Zone

When NATO bombs the living fuck out of Libya, it is termed the “Right 2 Protect”. When Russia decides to bomb universally-recognised terror targets in Syria, it is termed “military adventurism”, “aggressive expansionism” and “Machiavellian opportunism”.

The traditional league of imperialists Western powers are recoiling in righteous horror on how Russian intervention threatens to “destabilise” what is essentially an unbridled war zone of four years raped with impunity by a succession of warring militant groups.

(Wait till you see the madness of the post-intervention Libya that has disappeared from the radar of NATO spokespersons. There are still clandestine, unmarked and unidentified fighter jets criss-crossing Libya from neighbouring African states striking proxy tribal groups, military warlords and multiple rival Libyan parliaments all of whom claim to be the sole Libyan government. Or how about the war-ravaged free-for-all deserts of post-liberation Iraq and Afghanistan?)

Some enlightened intellectuals are brimming with zealous fury on the self-interested agenda of a Russian intervention. They talk about maintaining Assad as a Russian puppet in an important geographical buffer state and foothole in a resource-rich region. They talk about advancing Russian wet dreams of being a global policemen. They talk about oil and pipelines and patrimonialism. They talk about the Russian mask of humanitarian intervention.

(Wait till you realise that till today no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Saddam’s Iraq, and how the Bush administration tried repeatedly to enforce the “free market access” to Iraqi oil on the post-Saddam Iraqi parliament. Compare the massive Western over-reaction to Saddam’s supposed dictatorial brutality to the total inaction in Rwanda, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Burundi, Eritrea, Sudan, Israel and the many other regions across the world who are either completely subservient to US interests or have absolutely no political or economic value to the US.)

The world press is ablaze with anger of disproportionate Russian aerial firepower and boots on the ground, and how this is an escalation and unwarranted projection of military strength beyond Russia’s sphere of influence.

(Wait till you realise the US Fifth Fleet has been roaming the Persian Gulf for the past two decades, supported by dozens of forward bases in friendly or occupied territories, with enough firepower to raze entire nations back to the Stone Ages. Perhaps they’re just jealous that Russia is usurping the West’s monopoly on global military firepower, and perhaps even fearful that Russia may actually do some good.)

So dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton, why the sudden call for a no-fly zone after some four years, three hundred thousand lives and tons of dynamited cultural artefacts?

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