Blowing up a phallus

I blew up, as apart of my course, a 75mm AMX-13 HEAT round on Friday, with clumps of plastic explosives and a blasting machine. I’ve never felt a more powerful explosion in my life and perhaps never again. I surveyed the damage. The sandbags disappeared mysteriously into thin air. The brass cartridge case was a flower in a deathly and final blossom. I found the melted fuze of a round, the side where the explosives were placed was shaved off and its clockwork insides were mere oxidized remains.

Gastronomy weirdly has a place in the military sciences.

The burnt residue of gunpowder on my fingers smelt like caramel popcorn.

The intermediary booster explosive looked like a sliced carrot with a hole drilled through the centre.

The detonating cord looked like a really long coil of uncooked udon noodles.

The semtex plastic explosives looked like a clump of mashed potatoes.



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