August Design Collection

This August, Sazzad and his social enterprise hit a new milestone. With over a 120 sign ups for the third series of his English proficiency course for migrant workers, I don’t think he has ever been busier. It’s both amazing as it is daunting with the sudden spike in demand for volunteers. I hurriedly drew up an EDM poster for him with just an hour’s notice.

SDI August Poster .001

When I dropped by his course launch at the new Yale-NUS College campus (by golly their new campus is a navigational mess) on a Sunday, I was roped in as a facilitator despite only knowing a single Bengali phrase. Another facilitator had later kindly enlightened me on the Bengali phrase for “I love you” and “fuck your mother”. I suppose they’re the most useful terms for making friends.

We had gone through a series of self-introductions and team-building games to boost the students’ confidence in the use of basic conversational English – most worked in the shipping and construction industry and could manage a few snatches of conversation in English.

And yay we had built the tallest straw tower among all the other groups :D

Also this August, FXTRT performed live at Aliwal along with two other newly-minted local bands: A Chord for 20 and It’s Teraparee. I had earlier done a few commissions for FXTRT and the gig organisers liking my work wanted a promotional poster from me so I gave them one.

launchpad poster.001

It was pretty swell and Jack’s so fucking cute omg. He went around with a kettle full of band stickers, giving them out after his performance.

Hurray for losing your gig-virginity!

Jason, my Tekong bunkmate who is now enjoying life at the SAF Music & Dance Company, recently started on his second major film project – a heart disease awareness film for the Singapore Heart Foundation. He had previously back in NYJC directed an award-winning short film. For his current one, I did a little film poster for him.

Grandpa film workboard2.001

I went down to his film set at Telok Blangah one Sunday and was very abruptly (and almost traumatically :P) hauled in as an extra who would carry out CPR on some Mediacorp actor. It was a pretty fun experience hanging around a film set. It’s not my first time, but it has definitely been a long time since I was last on a film set.

If you’re seeing this Jason, watching you manage the mayhem of a film set is just awe-inspiring on its own right.

IMG_5026 IMG_5010

While still in post-production, you’ll probably see his film floating around social media later in the year.

For more of my design collections, check out this link!



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