Point Initiating Base Detonating

Artillery fuzes are like the Swiss watches of military munitions – high grade steel alloys, miniaturized and highly precise gears, cutting-edge electronics, dozens of tiny insanely complicated moving parts and various explosive boosters all packed into a size of a fist and designed to work with absolute precision and reliability in spite of the immense violence of being propelled out of an enormous gun at speeds of over 1000m/sec and sometimes even after the sheer brutality of impact on a target. 

In fact, some current day fuze manufacturers were formally high-end watchmakers. For the layman, fuzes are devices affixed to bombs to initiate detonation whether by impact on target, proximity to target or time after launch.

It’s a shame that these contraptions, engineered with the finest and greatest engineering expertise and knowledge has the singular function of self-destruction. It’s a further shame that thousands of these are detonating all over the world daily from Syria to Somalia. What a waste of fine craftsmanship. 

If fashion permits, I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these on my wrist. 

And yes, I’m now in the midst of my ammunition specialisation course and I’m spending all day committing to memory specifications and mechanisms of nearly a hundred munition types. They said it’ll be like rocket science, but hell no, it IS rocket science, for the fact that I’m studying everything from anti-tank rockets to guided missiles.

But nah, I’m not complaining. It’s been pretty fun.

Disclaimer: Whatever scraps of information divulged here are already readily available on public domain or ambiguous enough to disinform, distemper and obfuscate hostile intentions. 



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