FXTRT Design Collection

You have a fox, a kettle, a cotton candy conspiracy and a few elephants in various states of dereliction.

I got a text from Jack a few weeks back asking for some graphic design contributions for his band – band logo, album covers and other collaterals and paraphernalia. A few weekends later, I’ve cranked out the requested designs with a quality I don’t think I’ve ever hitherto possessed. It is the first time I’ve embarked on these styles of graphic design and I’m pretty contented with the results.

Below is a sample of the designs I’ve rendered:

FXTRT Design Collection

It’s been pretty damn fun playing around with ink, paper, a point-and-shoot camera, a DIY photo studio, Apple Keynote and Adobe Photoshop. Quite hyped for more commissions :P And also, a glimpse of the background work behind the design collection:

DIY photo studio

A home-made photo studio: table lamp, mahjong paper, masking tape, tripod and a point-and-shoot


They’re the new cool kids on the block. And they’re having a few upcoming gigs in August so be sure to pay them some attention :D


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One thought on “FXTRT Design Collection

  1. […] I had also done up a whole series of logos, album covers and other miscellaneous collaterals for FXTRT as featured earlier in the FXTRT Design Collection. […]


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