Excludable and Rivalrous

It has been weeks of these scenarios
and situations and capacities
and political analysis

I’ve talked my way
through hypothetical
rogue states and disarmament
We’ve blabbered at length
about refugees and corruption
and extremist media and repression

I’ve gone on and on about compromise and
non-interference and engagement and
communication and gotong royong and
consensus and backroom diplomacy
and soft power and plausible deniability

Xi Jinping and the politburo
Dilma Rousseff and the petrobas
Ferdinand Marcos and the people
From Houthis to the little green men of Donbas
From the FARC to the MILF

On and on we go

Compromise. Compromise. Compromise.

The delicate balance
Security, stability and prosperity
Democracy and stratocratic military juntas
Neutrality and yes while I
sympathise empathise recognise
and yes while I agree on your
point in principle it is not
pragmatic practical realisable

The big question beckons:
Is all this work in nice suits
and tie-less rolled-up shirts
in the meet-the-peoples sessions
where queueing has become
an institutionalised past-time
with melamine smiles and promises
and selfies and the great bridging
of the great affective divide
merely an exercise in public relations?



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