A Blue Offensive

All I wanted was some blue paint and I was asked for my ID. I doubt I looked like a glue-sniffer or a public vandal, but oh well.

If anything, with a little blue paint, anybody can be a peacekeeper. (But you’re still a toy nevertheless)


A while ago I found a mama shop somewhere around Crawford Court selling toy soldiers and figured that they seemed a little colourless. So I decided to spend this Sunday afternoon giving some meaning (and more colour) to their lives which would otherwise be characterised by violence and fighting frivolously in the name of nations and politicians.

But this perspective unfortunately opens up a huge can of worms, since well the lives of UN peacekeepers are also “characterised by violence and fighting frivolously in the name of [a bigger community of] nations and politicians”, and victimised by high level, cross-continental, international politicking and deception.

For an added dimension, UN peacekeeping missions are inordinately profitable for nations providing the soldiers and in turn could be argued to not just drive but also reward arms spending in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Chad, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal and almost every other third-world country in Asia; and that itself leads to a whole other plethora of problems from stronger military apparatuses as a political institution to greater armed bellicosity.

All that politics aside, they are nonetheless doing a good job with noble success stories across the world since 1945.

And for the moment, these tiny peacekeeping force that I’ve mustered shall fight and die in the name of peace in my room.

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