Bag ass

In this holiday season I’ve been dabbling in a little craft and sewing, and I have so far sewn my own bow tie, book jackets and pocket squares. Adding on to that growing list of DIY sartorial paraphernalia, I have now also sewn my own tote bag (partly because I can’t find a desired design anywhere else).

It sucks not to have a sewing machine because what would have been a simple five minutes of sewing seams takes five times the duration by hand. My fingers are callused and I’ve broken a needle in a gallant attempt to sew through a thick wad of cloth.

Being very much a novice to this art, I would like to thank the French seam for being so adept at hiding my ugly stitchings. Nonetheless, having honed my knitwork for hours, my stitches are now somewhat aesthetically palatable now.

Turns out fine in the end.


The seams are strong enough to support all the shit I put in my bag: camera, tripod, umbrella, water bottle, notebook and the week’s copy of The Economist.

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