Dionysian Industries

I had initially designed the empathy one first as a comment on my constant need for deliberate emotional involvement then however I realised an antidote would also be necessary.


Random brain waves hit me in times of boredom and all I can do is manifest these ideas with some of the rudimentary design skills I have. I also then created a fictitious pharmaceutical company in the evil big-pharma tradition, ominously named Dionysian Industries. Why Dionysius? I had been sampling from a selection of ridiculous Greek mythological figures from Hybris (a Greek spirit of outrageous actions) to Chronos (some Greek titan who got castrated by his son).

In this dialectic between empathy – an encroaching force of emotions, against apathy – a total absence of it, we have the elements of a Dionysian chaos (in case it wasn’t emphasised enough: mayhem, tumult, pandemonium). Also it would be rather cheeky to allude human existence to theatre, of which Dionysius has left a certain mark.

As a word of caution, the empathy pills have possible side-effects of potential self-destruction as a result of selfless self-sacrifice while the apathy pills have relatively harmless side-effects of excessive misanthropy.

Please store these pills in a cool, dry and safe place.

These two prototypes now hang on my wall (along with an extract from a Lord Tennyson poem) as a reminder of the conflicting nature of my dramatis persona.

(On a side note, on the advice of friends, I should consider making more of these and selling them for exorbitant profits at flea markets and shit like that.)

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