Spring and all

Hello there,

It dawned upon me that it would be pretty smart to take some precious time out of my insanely hectic life and dedicate it to some frivolous endeavour such as running a blog. Blogs are a thing I’ve grown to both fear and loathe. I faintly recall a blog of mine, sharing the same blog title as this new one, which ran for a few months some time back as a satirical blog to poke fun at the blogs of others. It ended pretty unceremoniously as a festering sick-joke-gone-bad.

Then again, standing on the shoulders of these farcical wrecks, I’ve gone back to writing and blogging because I think I need some regular avenue for proper expression, instead of some tattered, sweat-stained sketchbook muddied with occasional rambling, bigoted and self-important scribbles that I hide ignominiously somewhere in my room.

Anyway, as the blog title already suggests, I intend to fill this space with garbage dressed up as palatable shit passed off as refined, intellectual ponderings but essentially diatribes (or more accurately a diarrhea) of nausea-inducing verbiage.

P.S. A pleasant way to start a blog.



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